History of the Library


Mr. H.B. Romaker, former school superintendent, was the one person most responsible for the establishment of a public library in the community of Liberty Center. His persistent efforts to secure a public library to serve the school district as well as the community led to the creation of the Liberty Center Public Library. In November 1929, the one-room schools in Liberty and Washington Townships were consolidated with the public school in the Village of Liberty Center. The new consolidated school district offered a place for the public library to be housed, in exchange for sharing books and services with pupils and teachers.

A fire in late 1972 destroyed the high school building where the library was situated. Citizens and library staff members worked together to move materials and equipment from the destroyed building, minimizing the library's losses. The Liberty State Bank provided a temporary space for the library until a new facility could be found and remodeled in the downtown area.

While the library was located in the high school, the time to use the library by the citizens was limited. The relocation to the downtown area changed the perception of the library. Although the space was limited to under 2,000 square feet, the citizens of the community had an independent institution - a public library.

The next move, in 1999 to the present location of 4,751 square feet, was indeed a renaissance. This relocation greatly increased the community's usable space. 

In 2002, the Library Board acquired an adjacent property to the current Library. This would add 3,276 square feet to the current facility.

The final renovation was accomplished in 2017. The current library is a beautiful facility of approximately 8,000 square feet. This includes a Reading Room, a Children's Area, a Youth Area, an Adult Area, and a Genealogy Area. It also has two conference rooms and a comfortable space for sitting and enjoying yourself in our beautiful facility. The community of Liberty Center has a lot to be proud of. It truly is a showpiece in our community.